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Petra Kozlová


     Agency Petra has many years of experience working abroad, so it is looking for suitable jobs for applicants and helps with the language as such and helps with starting abroad.

     "I have a lot of motto: One should spend time with family and travel the whole world, and that's why we founded the Agency Petra, because we have experience with working abroad and everyone knows that you can earn quite more abroad and if you have language experience, has a far better job and salary. The employers then have a different time with the candidate, so an agency was set up so that people could contact us. ”

     Agency Petra was founded in 2019 at the same time as Petra, where you can find a job yourself.

     A person who wants to travel abroad should already be able to speak at least one language and learn the language where he lives. Seasonal jobs are usually offered, so we work 6 days a week, when earnings are higher and it is difficult for applicants not only mentally but also physically, so it is advisable to focus on the language earlier or in the evenings. Although the agency offers language courses, priority is given to full-time employment and then foreign language tutoring is offered.